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"Seagull Cottage" ~ Little Oyster Creek / Windmill Point Creek ~ Windmill Point

This level, south facing, 1-acre +/- parcel has great views from the front and back! To the south, it looks out the mouth of Little Oyster Creek (a.k.a. Windmill Point Creek) and into the Rappahannock River. From the front, you have great views across the state road and Oyster Creek to the barrier islands on North Point and on out into the Chesapeake Bay. The property is served by a community water system, and there is an existing pier that needs repairs, as it no longer connects to the land. There is some rip rap in place to protect the shoreline where the pier used to be. This creek does have a sandbar at the mouth, limiting boating access to the Rappahannock River to about 2.5' ± MLW.

The 1948 trailer is a classic "road house" with blonde wood paneling that arches overhead (like being inside a nut shell!) and features built-in cabinets and cubbyholes everywhere. There's a long Kitchen, a small Dining Room, a Bedroom, and Bath with a tiny tub. There are several additions, including a nice-sized Living Room with hardwood floors, plus a waterside screened porch and a very small second bedroom. There's an oil furnace and a window air conditioner. This structure is being sold strictly "as is."

The Recreational Vehicle parked in the back yard functions as an independent Guest Suite with it's own cook top, refrigerator, and half-bath.

A wonderful opportunity to invest in waterfront land, but get to use it, too. Or, if you decided to replace the trailer with an elevated home, you would have stunning views out both sides. This land is in the flood zone.

Exclusively Offered for $225,000

SOLD 8/20/2004 @ $225,000

The view looking south, out the mouth of the creek and across the Rappahannock.

The clarilty of the water is an indicator of the water quality. This property is very near the big open waters of the Bay, thus the water is very transparent.

This picture of the 153' shoreline was taken at a low tide. You can see the rip rap where the pier used to be. The property line is marked by the black plastic pipe.

We found part of a pier washed up in the saltwater meadow, with a boat still attached!

This telephoto picture across the water shows the type of boat that the neighboring properties use, that work well on this creek. The end of the pier still serves as a favorite hang-out for the sea gulls.

The property line follows the line of small green shrubs on the left out to the pine trees at the road. You can see the whilte sand of the barrier islands in the distance.

You can just see the sandbar at the mouth of Windmill Point Creek.The grass in the foreground is a type of reed, following the rule: "Sedges have edges, but reeds are round."

There is a pretty good road that runs all the way down to the pier,
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