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"Lookout Point" ~ Foxwells ~ Chesapeake Bay

First Offering! These 3 estate-sized parcels of waterfront land have big views, big beach, and big trees. With a total of 24 ± acres and over 2,000 feet of sandy shoreline, you can hike along this bayside beach to search out pottery shards, pipe stems, and Indian points.

Enjoy a broad spectrum of marine environments as you traverse this shore which wraps entirely around a point jutting out into Little Bay, complete with 2 small marsh islands, and continuing along the north shore to a protected 2-acre cove featuring an extensive, meandering salt-water marsh system.

The tall pine forest lends shade and tranquility to this dramatic interface between land and sea, offering a unique opportunity for nature and privacy to grace your home.

Little Bay is protected from the Chesapeake Bay by North Point out Windmill Point.

Entire 24-acre parcel offered for $520,000

Lot 3, 9.86-acre point with marsh islands, offered for $220,000

Lot 4, 5.74-acre parcel with sandy beach, offered for $175,000

Lot 5, 9.01-acre parcel with sandy beach and saltwater cove frontage, offered for $185,000

Entire 24 acres SOLD 09/16/2002 for $439,000

The inlet to the tidal marsh is on the right.

Some interesting Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV)

Low tide gives you lots of beach. This is looking across the inlet to a sand spit with cedar trees.

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