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"Lawson Bay Farm" ~ Rappahannock River ~ c. 1835 ~ 7.7 acres

More pictures from Lawson Bay Farm, Page 4:

The pier is only a few years old and withstood the rigors of Hurricane Isabel.

The shoreline has been eroding, so the Seller has obtained a permit for two wooden groins to stabalize the bank.

The driveway in the springtime recalls the "white way of wonder" in 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.'

Winter time on the River has it's own special beauty.

Sailboats are framed by the pine trunks in this shot.

This hilltop has a nice roll to it. There is an old road bed, shared by the neighboring property, located in a swale down the east side of this knoll that provides a gentle path down to the pier

Looking West reveals the broad sweep of "Lawson Bay." There is a shallow tidal inlet just west of this property called Pleasant Banks Cove (or Hughlett's Creek) which is owned by the property across the inlet.
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