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Hickory Hollow Trail ~ Lancaster

We took a winter hike on the Hickory Hollow Nature Trail in Janauary. Here are some pictures from our trip. We found a vigorous patch of Ground Cedar at the side of the trail. The White Loop Trail is 1.8 miles; Blue Ridge is 0.43; Orange is 0.5; Yellow Swamp 0.4; Red Overlook 0.7; Aqua Short Loop 0.6; Purple 0.1; Great Mill Swamp 0.6; and the Green Picnic Trail is 0.5 miles.

There is a box on the side of this sign with trail maps.

This Natural Area Preserve was established in the year 2000.

The trail maps are provided by the Northern Neck Audobon Society.

The main trails provide wide walkways through the forest.

The trails are well marked with colored tree blazes and signs.

Next to a streambed on the White Loop Trail, we found a grove of Ironwood trees (a.k.a. Blue Birch) with distinctive muscle-shaped trunks.

An occasional log bench lets you catch your breath or tighten your shoelaces.

The Great Mill Swamp Trail runs through a Mt. Laurel thicket and ends in the swamp, where beaver have been gnawing on the trees.

This Ground Cedar is bright green and still growing even in the middle of Winter.

Bruce is walking the homeward stretch.

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