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"Crescent Cove" ~ Western Branch, Corrotoman River ~ 6' MLW

A gorgeous hunk of land with mature woods, long shorelines, awesome views, and deep water that has been subdivided into three huge waterfront estate-sized lots and one inland parcel of young woodlands. Deed restrictions to be placed on all three parcels will state that no site can be further subdivided.

Tract #3 is a 20-acre tract that includes a large tidal pond. Offered for $495,000.
SOLD by Bruce 11/17/04 @ $495,000.

Tract #2 is the middle parcel with 13-acres and 350' of shoreline. Offered at $495,000. SOLD

Tract #1 has 11.89 acres with 1,000+ feet of shoreline. The neighbor on the right side of this parcel has a walking easement across the point in order to check on his deep mooring. Offered by Jim & Pat Carter Real Estate for $650,000

There is also an 87-acre parcel of "back land" with young woods growing on it. Offered by Jim & Pat Carter Real Estate for $250,000.

The downstream view.

Looking across the River.

The upstream view.

You can barely see the contemporary home in the trees, on the other side of the cove.

Looking up the Western Branch.

Some sailboats are tucked into the protective cove.

A local loon.

The marine chart with the entire property outlined in red. It is being divided into 4 large parcels.
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