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Anderson Bay

When Bruce's parents retired to this farm on the Rapphannock River, we soon followed and moved to Lancaster County in 1976. We fell in love with this rural area and the beautiful water views.

The Chesapeake Bay has great beaches for young children and toddlers, as the waves are small and not as forceful as the Atlantic's. You can often wade way out into the water and still only be knee-deep. Building sandcastles and watching the incoming tide fill the moats with water is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your young ones.

There are stinging sea nettles that live in the Bay in the summertime, from about June 15th to the end of August. You can still go crabbing if you wear old pantyhose under your bathing suit, as the nettles slip right off the nylon without stinging.

The Rappahannock River is 3 miles wide where the bridge crosses at White Stone.

The pier is your gateway to the Chesapeake.

Looking east, towards the mouth of the river.

The sandy Rappahannock shore.

Children of all ages enjoy a cookout on the beach.

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