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"The Eight Acre Woods" ~ Ball's Creek ~ Great Wicomico River

More pictures from the Eight Acre Woods:

A view of the cove that forms the eastern boundary.

Looking out the cove on a misty day, note the sandbar on the left.

This is a shot taken from the sandbar at the entrance to the cove. It is looking across Ball Creek. Some oysters live in the puddle of slightly fresher water on the left.

A shot of the oysters that live in the cove.

The path down to "The Landing" on the northern boundary takes off down the hill to the left at this point.

The broad "Landing" with it's sandy shoreline.

The flagged northern boundary with evidence of beaver.

Ridge Way Drive, the road to the "Woods".

Another leafy trail to explore, bordered by native Mountain Laurel.

A soil boring illustrating the well-drained yellow-red sand, good for sewage disposal and basements.
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